Hunter [Green] Boots

Check out my new boots! These Hunter Boots were an item that I wished for and received for Christmas. The boots (not these specifically, but the brand in general) have been on my radar for quite some time, but I had a pair of rain boots already and didn’t feel I needed another pair. My last pair lasted years, black with multi-colored polka dots and pink trim. Actually, I have a picture of them here from when I tried to go apple picking. They were from Target and entirely too big for me. I ordered them online (it was one of those online only products) before a trip to London with friends back in college. They were loose and clunky on me but entirely too cute to return so I kept them. Recently during a massive clean out of my shoes and clothes, I decided to add them to the donation bag. They were still in great shape since I hadn’t worn them much at all (since they were too big) and I felt like it was time to move on and buy a nicer pair that actually fit well.

IMG_2480 IMG_2482

Enter these cute boots – the Hunter Original Short. I had no particular color in mind when I added these to my wish list, but I’m loving the green! The current weather status is bitterly cold with some ice on the ground, but last weekend it was a bit warmer, overcast and rainy so I got good use out of my new boots. Love them already!

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