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5 Minute Beauty Routine

5 Minute Beauty Routine
A lot of people like the natural look in beauty and most of you already know that that natural look many of us strive for actually takes a lot of work. It can actually take time to look like you have no makeup on!
However, for those days when you’ve on a time crunch but you need to wear something on your face to look awake, even out your skin tone etc, here’s a quick 5-minute beauty routine I put together.
1) You might not have time to take your time putting on foundation so I chose Benefit’s Big Easy Foundation. This foundation has light coverage and is more of a BB Cream, but will do the job in concealing some pesky blemishes and evening out your skin. It also applies well with your fingers so if you are really pressed for time you don’t even need a brush for this one.
2) Since the foundation is light, a concealer is key to really help you out. This Almay one has a wand so it will be a quick job.
3) No time for a separate blush, bronzer, and highlight? Use something like this Milani Illuminating Face Powder to achieve a rosy glow on your cheeks.
4) I love powder brow kits. Some think pencils are faster than powders but since I’m so used to powder this would be quickest for me.
5) Lastly, mascara will help bring your eyes to life especially since you have no time for eyeshadow.
So there’s my quick 5 minute beauty routine for when you’re in a jam or if you just feel like going for that no makeup-makeup look.
What are some products you love to achieve this look?

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