Pecan Tartlets

I love pecan pie, it’s definitely one of my favs, but I can’t eat a whole lot of it which is usually the case with me and most sweets. Anyway, on the days that I tutor after work I have about an hour to kill inbetween job #1 and job #2 so I go to Starbucks, get something to drink and do some work. A little while back, I saw they had these pecan tarts that looked scrumptious so of course I ordered one. It was definitely yummy and so I decided to try to make something similar.







The tartlets turned out so good. It looks a lot drier than it actually was. In the future I would make more of the sugar filling, but it was really tasty nonetheless! I love this tartlet version instead of a whole pie because the smaller portions are perfect for me. I get a good taste of pecan pie without having to eat a whole slice and eventually inadvertently eating a whole pie.


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