Lorac/Ulta Haul

Marketing people sure know how to get me. I think I’ve said this before, but anything that I at least sort of have my eye on that’s marked “limited edition”, I more than likely can’t help but buy. Slap on an instagram post with the words “While supplies last” and I’m done for.

Recently, I had a 20% coupon for Ulta and I came across the above words about the Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette. If you didn’t already know, I aboslutely love Lorac. I love many brands – from all price points, and Lorac is high up on my list if not at the top (although I’ve never tried their foundations, but if I had and loved them, they would probably be #1). Lorac shadows are always sooo soft and buttery and I need them in my life. Anyway, I had planned to buy these items at some point but wasn’t in a rush – that is until I saw that Instagram post with those dreaded words.



I got:

I’ve wanted the Lorac Pro 2 since it came out months ago and while it is a permanent product I figured since I had the 20% off I would pick it up now. I also got 2 minis of the Behind the Scenes Primer included in these sets. I basically live off these mini primers. If you ever see my weekly makeup baskets, my eye primer is always a mini version.

I’m so excited about this haul even though they totally got me to purchase sooner rather than later!

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