My First Kiko Haul

Kiko Milano is an Italian cosmetics brand that I first heard of last year. I’ve seen it mentioned and/or featured on some blogs before but primarily from bloggers that live in Europe. I’ve also seen it a bit on some beauty YouTubers’ videos who bought some products while away in Europe for vacation. I always thought it looked like a cool brand to check out, but I never looked into it since it seemed to be a European brand and I didn’t care enough to check if they shipped to the US.

Then, one day I was at a mall near me that I don’t go to often and saw that they opened a Kiko Milano store! Not a counter inside a department store, but a for real standalone store. Of course, I went right in and saw they had a wide variety of products available in the store and everything seemed to be very reasonably priced. After walking around the store a few times and browsing and swatching, I decided to buy 2 items.


I got the Frosted Look Lipstick in the shade Rosetto and an eyeshadow palette. The palette says “Color Fever” but I’m not sure if that’s the name of the quad I got or the line? As mentioned above, everything seems to be reasonably priced. I think my total was under $30 and I remember the quad was exactly $20. It’s obviously a bit more than a drugstore price (but not by much with some of the drugstore brands these days!), but definitely less than high-end.


I’m really excited to try out these products and the brand in general! Doesn’t that eyeshadow shade with the purple glitter specks look gorgeous?!

Since the brand is completely new to me, is there anything that you guys who have used the brand before recommend I try? I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!

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