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As previously mentioned in my post about the Cinderella Glass Slipper inspired shoes that multiple designers have created, I love Cinderella and all things Disney. So when I heard that MAC was releasing a Cinderella collection, I was very excited. As with all MAC collections, I take a look at all the preview shots and press releases that come out prior to the release date. Bloggers and YouTubers that get their hands on these items way before everyone else are my go-to when it comes to deciding whether the collection is something I’m interested in or not. If I am interested, these sites/bloggers/YouTubers help me decide exactly what I want from the collection because I don’t need nor do I want every item (usually). Anyway, I saw what was going to be part of this Cinderella collection and made up my mind about what I wanted based on swatches, reviews, etc. and didn’t get anything I really, really did not need.

I got 3 items from the collection, which I think shows incredible restraint! I got the Cinderella Tinted Lipglass in the shade “Happily Ever After”, the eyeshadow palette (the only one available) “Stroke of Midnight”, and the Cinderella Iridescent Powder in “Coupe d’Chic”.

IMG_4714 IMG_4715 IMG_4716

I can’t wait to try these all out! The iridescent powder has some very noticeable glitter, but I think it will be perfect for when I want to combine a blush/highlight without using separate products.

The last two items I got aren’t from this collection, but I thought I’d just throw them into this post.

I wanted to restock on the travel size MAC Fix+ and while browsing other new collections came across this blush in the Toledo collection that I just had to have.

How gorgeous is this ombre blush? The shade is called “Azalea Blossom” and I can’t wait to use it.

At some point, I may give these products a proper review. Are there any items you’d definitely like me to share my opinions on?

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