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Dress Your Favorite Disney Character

Dress Your Favorite Disney Character
Continuing with my Disney theme from earlier today, I created this set on Polyvore about 2 weeks ago. They had a contest going on to dress your favorite Disney character. I don’t have a clear favorite character, but I do love Anna from Frozen because she’s not perfect and isn’t afraid to be herself. She pretty much owns her flaws and silliness and I love it. Instead of creating a look that looked just like her animated wardrobe – because they would just come off costume-y – I decided to put together pieces that people or I would actually wear that reflect Anna’s movie style.
1. Blue capris to represent her blue skirt. Spring is coming!
2. A loose, flowy, floral top to represent that embroidered (I imagine it to be embroidered) bodice she wears.
3. Black, heeled booties because they’d look so chic with the capris.
4. Last, but not least, a bright pink cape coat.
I think the look is definitely something that could be pulled off in real life, while still paying homage to this Frozen heroine!

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