Photo Challenge: Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time?

The Daily Post’s photo challenge this past week was to create a tiled gallery featuring the color orange, which is why the challenge is called “Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time?”. Orange is not a color you see all the time and it’s certainly not a color I wear too often. But, I made an effort to pay attention and be on the lookout for all things orange this week and I’m happy to report I have 5 pictures for my first ever tiled gallery!

All these pictures were taken from the past week and I didn’t need to dig into my archives so I’m pretty excited about that.

Here’s how the pictures came about.

  • I went out to lunch last weekend and knew taking a picture of the inside of my sweet potato tempura was a perfect opportunity.
  • Later that night I met up with some friends at a hookah lounge and mid conversation I looked at the coals and seriously said “I need to take a picture!”
  • If you have been keeping up with me for a bit, then you know I love fresh flowers. In a new bouquet I got this week there were a few different orange flowers.
  • And lastly, I made an orange chiffon cake for a pot luck at work. The cake doesn’t come out orange looking, but the oranges and the orange zest used to make it sure are!

While orange isn’t my favorite color, I’m still happy that the photo challenge involved a tiled gallery because I had never made one before. Yay for WordPress and their detailed instructions on how to create one! I definitely plan on making some more in the future.

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