Mongolian Beef

I love looking for copy cat recipes of things I enjoy eating out. I don’t go to PF Chang’s often at all – I think I’ve gone maybe 4 or 5 times ever in my life. But the few times I have gone, I’ve gotten the Mongolian Beef and always really enjoy it. I found this copycat recipe at Blissfully DeliciousΒ via Pinterest. I pretty much followed that recipe except I didn’t use as much beef as called for.

The only pictures I didn’t include were when I coated the raw flank steak in cornstarch and when I refried the beef in the sauce in the wok cause I had to work really quick aka no time for pictures! It came out really tasty, but there are some adjustments I want to make for the next time I make this dish. For one, I’d cook it in the wok for a little longer. The beef was all cooked, but I’d like it a little crispier.

Do you like finding and trying out copycat recipes?

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