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Spring Brights

As the weather bounces around all over the place, I am forcing spring to come by wearing some more bright colors. I wore this sleeveless bright green top with a white cardigan. The green, which is already bright, really pops against the white.

Top: Talbots
Caridgan: Chadwicks
Pants: New York & Company
Necklace: Bauble Bar

So I know you can’t really see my pants, but I’ve had them for years and I still love them. They’re so comfortable. They’re a little long (and I never got them altered when I first bought them years ago and I guess I figure what’s the point now!) so I always wear higher heels when I wear them. They still do touch the floor at times. I kid you not, 99% of the time when I wear these pants it ends up raining and then the bottoms get all wet. So naturally, it started pouring the afternoon that I wore these so they got all wet when I was going to my car after work.


This necklace from Bauble Bar is made up of these cream colored enamel gems in a chevron type shape. It’s so fun and different, yet simple. The only thing that annoys me about this necklace is that the pieces always get twisted and flip over, but that happens with a lot of necklaces so it’s nothing new.


So although one day it’s sunny and spring like temperatures and the next it’s chilly, rainy, with a chance of flurries, I am determined to start incorporating more spring pieces into my outfits!

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