Billboard Music Awards Fashion Picks 2015

Another awards show, another red carpet. Last night was the Billboard Music Awards and I have to admit, the red carpet fashion left me a little underwhelmed this time around. There were plenty of looks that I liked but didn’t love. Or at least didn’t love them enough to want to highlight them here. Some looks I liked, but would’ve liked better if the cut or color was different. Then there were some that I thought were a bit too prom, pageant reminiscent. Despite all this, I did see a few looks that I personally thought were the highlights of the night!

taylor swift balmain
Taylor Swift in Balmain. We all know jumpsuits are in and Taylor’s choice to wear an all-white jumpsuit with strategic cut-outs screams summer. 

olivia culpo
Olivia Culpo looks great in this sequins and sheer number. I can’t tell for sure if this is a romper or a mini-dress but either way, I love it.

Chelsea Briggs
Chelsea Briggs looks great in this multi-colored, sequins, chevron dress. I was definitely more into the short dresses than the gowns for the looks last night. 

Those were my favorites from last night. If you saw the show or any of the red carpet fashions, what were your thoughts?

I hope you all have a smooth start to the week! This week is going to be crazy busy for me. Prom is Thursday night and I’ve been asked to chaperone for the 4th year in a row. I don’t mind, it should be fun but of course tiring. The long weekend for Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and I’m headed to California for a wedding so I have a lot of work I want to get done before I leave. Busy busy!

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