Shrimp Stuffed Peppers

If you’ve ever had Dim Sum, you may have had peppers stuffed with shrimp. It’s one of my favorite things to eat when my family goes for tea. My mom has made these for my family and I for as long as I can remember so I recently made them with her to add to my cooking knowledge filled with so many of the delicious things she makes.

First, we started out with shrimp and cut them up into small chunks. They don’t have to be too small because it will go into the food processor to form a paste.

DSCF1082 DSCF1083 DSCF1084 DSCF1085

After putting the shrimp into the food processor, I added corn starch, salt and pepper and mixed it together by hand. Using chopsticks to mix it around instead of something like a fork gives it a gentler mixing so that the paste doesn’t break apart.

Next up, we prepared the peppers – green bell peppers and frying peppers.

DSCF1086 DSCF1088

In a small bowl, I mixed together corn starch and water. I coat the inside of each pepper with this mixture to help the shrimp paste stick. Then, using my hands/fingers I stuff each pepper with the shrimp paste.

DSCF1087 DSCF1089

Finally, I pan fried the peppers starting with the shrimp side down.

DSCF1090 DSCF1091

When the shrimp browns and looks more than half cooked, I flipped them over. I kept them on the heat until all the shrimp looked cooked.

Voila! The final product. The frying peppers can be spicy (it’s really hit or miss) but I like spicy. It’s nice to have a mix of the frying peppers and the bell peppers for yourself and also for anyone else you may be cooking for if they have certain taste preferences.

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