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Restaurant Review: Be Our Guest

“Beauty & the Beast” is one of my all-time favorite Disney movies so when Disney built the Be Our Guest Restaurant, I knew I had to go. I’d heard great things about the restaurant and the experience there and I have to say it did not disappoint.

First off, atop the restaurant is a large miniature version of the Beauty & the Beast Castle so when you go past the gates and enter into the restaurant it gives the appearance that you’re entering the castle. At night, the castle looks stunning as from far away the lit up castle appears to be a full sized castle in the distance.


Doesn’t it look like a real sized castle from far away? This photo was taken at night, obviously, so it’s not exactly what it looked like when I went to eat since I went for breakfast.

I can’t speak for how lunch and dinner is there, but breakfast was phenomenal not just for the food, but the entire experience.

Disney Travel Tip: Dining reservations can be made and are strongly encouraged (even by Disney) to be made 180 days in advance. I know that seems really far in advance, but trust me – at Disney everyone reserves things months and months ahead of time. Breakfast can be reserved at Be Our Guest 60 days in advance, so that’s what we did and believe me on that T-60 day mark our reservations were made before 7am. Believe me, people are on it as soon as those dates arrive where you can book anything at Disney for your trip.

Breakfast is quick service, so when you walk in, you are ushered to an attendant where you order your breakfast inside a room filled with decorative books. Remember, Belle loves books!



So you order your breakfast and then the attendant tells you to sit anywhere you want (there are 3 dining rooms) and your order will be brought to you.

Like I said, there are 3 dining rooms to choose from and here’s how the restaurant describes them:

  • The Grand Ballroom – Go for baroque in this magnificent ballroom with high, domed ceiling, chandeliers and snow-laced Gothic arches.
  • The West Wing – Dine in the Beast’s mysterious West Wing study—if you dare—and perhaps you’ll even spy the enchanted rose.
  • The Castle Gallery – Get swept up in the romance of Belle’s private library, and inspired by the larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast dancing.

We dined in the Grand Ballroom, which was truly beautiful and the attention to detail throughout the entire restaurant was not lost on me.




They even make it look like it’s nighttime and snowing outside the windows!

The Castle Gallery was just as brightly lit as the Grand Ballroom, but smaller and featured dancing Beast and Belle figures that actually did spin around.


The West Wing was dark in keeping with the storyline and smaller than the Grand Ballroom as well. It featured the paintings on the walls that are seen in the movie like the ripped painting of the Beast when he was still a handsome prince. Most noticeable in the West Wing was the gorgeous rose!


The wait staff brings your food to you in glass covered carts, so fancy! Now, here’s the question – there are 3 dining rooms, the restaurant seats 500 and they have no idea where you’re going to be sitting since you get to pick where you want to sit for breakfast. How do they find you to deliver your food?! We asked the waitress and she would only say not to question the magic!

I ordered the Open Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich which was a baguette with two poached eggs, applewood bacon, brie cheese, tomatoes atop a bed of arugula. It was also served with a cup of fruit and complimentary pastries for the table.


All our food!





The food was so good, the service was great, and the whole atmosphere made the experience truly wonderful and magical. I highly recommend checking out Be Our Guest next time you find yourself at Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It definitely was a highlight of my trip.


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