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TV Catch Up & Jon Snow Love

I don’t know about you, but when I return from a vacation I always have a lot of TV to catch up on on my DVR. While I’ve just started to chip away at the slew of shows I regularly watch, here are just a few things that happened while I was gone.

The conclusion to Season 1 of Outlander began last week and I need to catch up as I’m now 2 episodes behind! It was part of my February Favorites after I watched all the episodes during my snow days. I can’t wait to see what’s next for my favorite highlander and time traveling nurse.

I love me some CW shows and I must admit I still watch Vampire Diaries. While I was away, I did keep up with entertainment news through Twitter and People.com so I saw that Nina Dobrev is leaving the show! Her character, Elena, has become increasingly annoying throughout the seasons (moreso when she’s with Damon than with Stefan in my opinion) so although she’s one of the stars of the show, I’m not heartbroken that she’s leaving, but I am wondering what the show will be like without her and how they are going to get rid of her character. Is she just leaving Mystic Falls for good? Will she be killed?

Other shows I’ve started to catch up on from this past week were The Goldbergs, Fresh Off the Boat, Dancing with the Stars, Lip Sync Battle (this new show is hilarious and if you saw my post here about how much I love Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battles, then you know this show is perfect for me), Hawaii Five-0 amongst many others.

Now, here’s one I don’t need to catch up on because the season premiere is tonight – Game of Thrones!! I know I’m not alone in being excited for the show tonight. I love the show and I’ve read most of the books, but then stopped about 2 years ago because I didn’t have time and just haven’t had the time to go back to them. In case you didn’t know, each book is like 1,000 pages – not exaggerating. Jon Snow is probably my favorite character and he (Kit Harrington) recently stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers and played Jon Snow at a dinner party. Watch below as hilarity ensues and if you are a GoT watcher, you’ll recognize all the references!

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