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Spring Break: Day 7

Spring break is coming to a close and I head home today and it’s back to work on Monday. I wish spring break was 2 weeks long so I could go away for a week and then still have another week to relax and not have to do anything if I don’t want to – a real mental health week. Alas, it is not and it’ll be back to reality shortly.

Here’s my vacation recap from yesterday.

Day 7

  • After breakfast and some last minute packing, it was time to say goodbye (or see you later) to Disney and drive approximately 9 hours (with stops and traffic) back to my cousins’ house in Georgia.
  • Being in the car for so long, I needed/wanted to be in comfortable clothes but that wouldn’t make me look like a mess when I get out of the car to go inside establishments.

Tank Top: Mossimo via Target
Slouchy Capris: SO via Kohls

I love the neon colors of this racerback tank top. I’m also holding my zip-up in case it got cold in the car with the AC.

  • I always fall asleep in the car (not when I’m driving, don’t worry!) – something about the motion just puts me to sleep. So I napped a couple times during the car ride but only for like 15 minute intervals.
  • We got Chick-Fil-A for lunch which is all over the south in the US, but rare up north. There is one at one of the malls near me, but I pretty much never order from it when I’m at the mall.



  • My view during the road trip out the window was pretty much things like

this IMG_2990 and this IMG_2991

Not very exciting!

  • After some more napping, chatting, and listening to music, we stopped for some more gas, a bathroom break and some more food. Wendy’s was the food stop this time and I got the Apple Pecan Salad.


  • More napping, more music, more chatting. Anyone else notice (at least in the US) that when on long road trips you tend to see primarily two types of billboards? Religious and sex-related and sometimes just feet away from each other! When on road trips, I always see so many billboards that say things like “The answer is always Jesus” and then a billboard immediately after advertising for an adult super store. What’s up with that?
  • Towards the tail end of the trip, we hit traffic and nothing makes me feel carsick like stop and go traffic. I was really starting to feel it and I kept thinking to myself “We’re just an hour away, keep it together!” My little cousin passed me the headphones to the car dvd player and wanted me to watch “Oz the Great and Powerful” with her. After a while I just listened to the movie with my eyes closed because I needed to take my mind off the car sick feeling. I did fall asleep for a bit and felt much much better when I woke up. By that time, I watched just a few more minutes of the movie and we were back!
  • As I said earlier, I fly home later today. It’s bittersweet. I don’t want vacation to end, but I’m also ready to be back in my bed and shower in my shower. Anyone else get like that while away?
  • Here’s what I’ll be wearing today to travel home

Zip-up Sweater: Abercrombie & Fitch
Tee: Mudd via Kohls
Capris: Wallflower via Kohls

I may roll these down again to make them ankle length like how I wore them on my flight down here because I’m usually really cold on the plane.

I believe tomorrow is the concluding post from this vacation – my restaurant review of Be Our Guest! I hope you all have enjoyed coming along with me for this ride and weren’t too bored. There are many more trips coming up in the next few months!

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