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January 2017 Favorites

It sounds so weird to say (January) 2017 favorites! I can’t believe we’ve already gone through a month of the year already. Although at the same time this month has been so tiring with work and the daily chaos going on in the country. But let’s talk about something happy like things that put a smile on my face this month! I have a handful of things I loved enough in January to share with you all. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


I got this iKlip Grip Pro for Christmas and it’s been so handy already! I asked for a tripod/timer for my phone. I have a tripod for my actual camera, but wanted one for my phone because I take a good amount of blog photos with my phone as well as do 95% of my videos for the blog and YouTube on my phone so both the tripod and bluetooth remote are going to be so useful. I already used the tripod to record a winter craft video a few weeks ago which is going to go up this weekend, barring no editing/technical issues.

This past weekend was Chinese New Year and with the holiday my family always snacks on shrimp & lobster chips. In recent years we have started frying them up ourself instead of buying them. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen my video but I’ll post it here too. They are so delicious and one of my favorite snacks! This photo is only of the shrimp chips – I didn’t get a picture of the lobster chips although I prefer those.


On mild winter days, I like being able to wear a dress, but of course I can’t wear a dress without tights because it’s still cold. I have to give a special shout out to my knit tights from American Eagle. I have them in this charcoal grey pictured below and a cream color. If you’re a regular follower on here you’ll have seen these tights plenty of times before! They are my favorite tights because they are knit so they’re a bit warmer. Also, you know what the best thing is about them? No static cling! Regular stockings that I wear, I always have such a huge problem with static cling. No issues whatsoever with these knit tights.


Another item that I’ve mentioned on here before is the bareMinerals mineral blush in the shade “Joyous Jennifer”. I got this blush ages ago and it’s no longer sold but it’s such a good blush. This picture is from last spring, but it pretty much looks exactly the same because this tiny little pot actually has so much powder in it and a tiny bit goes a long way. It creates a deep rosy glow and you just need a tiny dab on your brush for a visible glow on your cheeks. Seriously, just a dab and that includes tapping off the excess!

BareMinerals Blush - Joyous Jennifer

So 2 weekends ago, the Women’s March took place and I was so sad I couldn’t take part in it because of work. But I shared my support on social media and have mailed in my postcards to my senators to express my concerns (Act 1 of 10 for the first 100 days – find out more about it here). Although the reasons women (and men) needed to march in the first place are heartbreaking and ridiculous in this day and age, it was definitely heartwarming to see hundreds of thousands of people marching all across the United States and millions around the world. This New York Times article has pictures from the marches around the world and it’s amazing.

New Yorkers' reaction
New York

Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story
is one of the best things ever! As soon as I saw it I knew it had to go in my monthly favorites. You’re welcome.


Another thing to make you smile and warm your heart – Stevie Wonder serenading Michelle Obama on the Tonight Show!

Lastly, the song that I’ve been playing constantly the past week is Panic! At the Disco’s “Death of a Bachelor”. It’s so catchy and I must say Brendon Urie is looking pretty cute in this video.


That wraps up my January favorites! What are some things you loved this month?

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