• Steak & Shrimp Whiskey Teriyaki


    Shrimp & Steak Whiskey Teriyaki Skewers

    I’m back to share another grilling recipe today! Since yesterday we got a glimpse of beautiful, 70+ weather, I wanted to share another warm weather recipe today. I made this last summer and didn’t get to share it so I’m sharing it now. This recipe is from The Food Network. I saw it on The Kitchen. I stuck to the recipe, so click on the link for the exact recipe and directions, but I made 3 little changes. The three changes I made: I put the shrimp and steak on separate skewers instead of alternating them on the same skewer for more even cooking time. I like my steak more…

  • Shrimp Cocktail


    Shrimp Cocktail

    Happy Mother’s Day to all your mamas out there! I have a quick appetizer for you today – shrimp cocktail. I love shrimp cocktail and if it’s on a menu at a restaurant there’s a good chance I’ll order it. It’s silly because it’s so easy to make at home so it’s not something that’s complicated, but I just love it! Now, this is something that is widely known (I believe) but I’ve still come across plenty of people who don’t know that cocktail sauce can be made with just 2 ingredients: ketchup and horseradish! I’m sure if you go out to eat shrimp cocktail or buy the bottled stuff there’s…

  • creamy-shrimp-tomato-pasta


    Creamy Shrimp & Tomato Pasta

    Today I’m sharing some food photos of a super easy recipe – a pasta dish with a light cream sauce, shrimp, and tomatoes. I’m not calling this a real recipe post because I don’t have a link for you to the exact recipe I used and I have no measurements. I can’t find the original recipe I found and since I first made it I’ve sort of just put it together/eyeballed it each time. But I do have photos and can walk you through the steps so you’ll have to either try to find the recipe yourself or work everything out/freestyle it yourself. First, I prepped my ingredients. I halved grape…

  • Food

    Shrimp Stuffed Peppers

    If you’ve ever had Dim Sum, you may have had peppers stuffed with shrimp. It’s one of my favorite things to eat when my family goes for tea. My mom has made these for my family and I for as long as I can remember so I recently made them with her to add to my cooking knowledge filled with so many of the delicious things she makes. First, we started out with shrimp and cut them up into small chunks. They don’t have to be too small because it will go into the food processor to form a paste. After putting the shrimp into the food processor, I added corn…