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Revenge: Emily Thorn/Amanda Clark Style Inspiration

Revenge: Emily Thorn/Amanda Clark Style Inspiration
The series finale of Revenge was last Sunday, meaning this past Sunday left a hole in my TV viewing that was once filled with scheming, plot twists, and of course revenge. If you aren’t familiar with the show, the title of my post might be a little confusing. Emily Van Camp is the star of the show and she is Amanda Clark/Emily Thorn. Basically, her real identity is Amanda Clark but as a child her father was framed and her whole life turned upside down. Now as an adult she is on a mission to get revenge and takes on the identity of Emily Thorn so that those she’s after have no idea that she was that little girl so long ago.
Now that the background info is out of the way, Emily/Amanda has the most amazing style on the show. The show takes place in the Hamptons and Emily plays with Hampton’s elite, which means her style is on the more sophisticated and upscale side. Even her casual clothes on the show usually features fitted blazers and gorgeous sweaters. Since a majority of the characters were from some of the richest fictional families leading Emily to frequent lots of fancy parties, charity balls, galas, and more. Her dresses were always beautiful and her style on point at all times. There were just too many amazing looks to choose from. The above set is just a glimpse of her style on the show. I wish I could have her closet. I’ll miss the fashion on the show almost as much as her revenge plots!

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