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Review: First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

For the past few weeks I’ve been using First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser to wash my face at night. It’s described as “A fragrance-free, gentle cleanser that effectively removes makeup, dirt, and grime, leaving skin soft and supple.” Since I love gentle cleanser’s, I wanted to give this a try. Now, I’ve been a devoted Cetaphil cleanser user for quite a while now, but I wanted to try something different and give my skin a break from Cetaphil for a little while. Cetaphil wasn’t bothering my skin at all or not doing it’s job, but I like to switch things up every once in a while with face and hair products. I feel like if you overuse products (I’m talking about years at a time) your body gets used to it and the product loses its effectiveness. I don’t know if there’s science to back this up – it’s just my personal belief and my own experience.

Anyway, so enter this First Aid Beauty cleanser.

It comes in a squeeze tube and it’s very easy to control the amount of product you want to squeeze out.

This is the amount I use to wash my whole face. It is a creamy, white color and has a pearlescent quality to it. It’s not a solid white color like in a lotion, it definitely has a pearly finish.

Here are some things I noticed:

  • It is very smooth on your face when you’re rubbing it into your skin. Seriously, your hands might just slide off your face it’s so smooth! The first time I used it, I accidentally poked myself in the nose really hard because I wasn’t expecting my hands to slide so quickly!
  • It feels really nice and gentle on the skin.
  • Avoid the eye area!! I was so used to being able to just rub my previous cleansers all over my face, including over my eye lids so I did the same with this one. Big mistake. My eyes were stinging so bad! I know the description says it will remove makeup, but since this stings the eyes (or at least my eyes) it’s not going to remove eye makeup. That’s fine with me because I remove my makeup with wipes before I wash my face with a cleanser anyway.

So would I recommend this product? I think it’s definitely a nice, gentle product to use while inbetween my big bottles of Cetaphil. It’s a little pricey for a face wash at approximately double the price of my Cetaphil cleanser, but if I’m going to buy it maybe once a year it’s not so bad as I definitely like it.

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