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Photo Challenge: Broken

Happy Friday! Don’t you love when the weekend comes quickly because you started off the week with a long weekend? For this past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, I’m using a picture from my trip last weekend to California. I spent last Sunday in San Diego and a portion of the day was spent flying kites. The challenge was “Broken” and while I wish I had an artsy photo or something more symbolically “broken”, my photo this week is quite literal.

While flying kites, one of our kites got stuck in a tree. My friends tried and tried to get it down, even after the string broke off. They even tried knocking it loose with a water bottle, but with no luck. I think even if they were able to knock it loose, it would still be stuck because the string was so tangled in the branches. So while the kite itself may not have been broken, there was no getting it down and it was for all intents and purposes – broken.

As proof that the weekly photo challenges and this blog are never far from my mind, while they were attempting to get the kite down, I remember going over and saying “This is actually perfect because the photo challenge this week is “broken”!” I snapped a photo and of course, my guy friends assured me that this kite was not broken and they would get it down. Yeah, didn’t happen. But, I got my picture!

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