Toasted Ravioli

I love finding copycat recipes of restaurants dishes I like. A few weeks ago I decided to try this Toasted Ravioli one out which is a copycat for the Olive Garden appetizer. It is easy because it’s semi-home made as I used store-bought frozen ravioli. The sauce was homemade, but it was leftover sauce that I had so that cut some time too.

You’ll need ravioli – I used spinach & cheese, flour, eggs, and Italian bread crumbs.The recipe I found calls for garlic salt, bread crumbs, oregano and basil, or you could just use Italian bread crumbs, which I think basically has all those ingredients. I coated the ravioli with the flour, egg wash, and breading and fried the raviolis.







I scooped the tomato sauce onto the fried or toasted ravioli as I ate them so they wouldn’t get soggy. Since it’s all fried, it’s a bit much for a full-on meal, but it makes for a great appetizer, side or snack!

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