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Happy Thursday! We’re almost at the weekend! I have a different kind of post for you today. I have collaborated with the lovely Katie from for today’s post! We decided to guest blog on each other’s sites and do a $20 Makeup Challenge. If you want to see the products I chose and what look I came up with then head on over to her site! You should head over anyway, because she writes great posts! So without further ado, here’s Katie’s post! 

Hey Guys!

I’m super excited to be collabing with Jamie on this post and guest blogging on her wonderful site – Jamie was one of the first people I followed on here and I absolutely love her blog, so it’s an honour to be featured on it! For those of you who have no clue who I am, my name is Katie and I write the blog – my posts are similar to Jamie’s so be sure to check them out and head over there to see Jamie’s guest blog!

For our collab, we decided to do the $20 makeup challenge. Since I live in Ireland, however, I did the 20 euro makeup challenge! We decided to not include brushes or utensils in the price as they’re an investment in themselves, and we agreed that no sale prices were allowed, only full prices. This was much more difficult than you would think, as even the cheapest makeup adds up in price! Here are the products I used:


Collection Lasting Perfection concealer – 5.79

P.S Love Beauty powder – 2.50

P.S Love Beauty foundation stick – 2.50 

Essence Longlasting lipstick in natural beauty – 2.63

Essence Lash Princess mascara – 4.39

E.L.F Eyebrow Kit – 2.64

Total price – 20.45

So I went a little over (sorry Jamie!) but I figured 45 cents was okay! Here’s how I did the look:


I decided to skip foundation as it would take up at least half of my allowance and just use concealer instead! I used this under my eyes, on any blemishes, as well as around my nose, my chin, the tops of my cheeks, and the center of my forehead. I blended this in using a Real Techniques buffing brush.


I then used some powder all over my face to set this in place. I chose a powder with some coverage in it rather than a translucent one as I was skipping out foundation. I applied this with a large kabuki brush from Claire’s.


Next, I took a dark foundation stick to use as bronzer. Now, I normally use this for heavier contouring on special occasions, but as I had no cheap bronzers I had to use it for that purpose this time.


How I did this was I swatched a good amount on the back of my hand, dabbed my brush in, and applied it as if it were a cream bronzer, then blended it out with my foundation brush.


For blush, I decided to use my lipstick as a cream blush to cut down on the price as, again, my blushes all fall in around the 5 euro mark. I did this the same way as I did my bronzer!




I moved on to eyebrows and used the wax from my kit to fill in my brows. This was handy as wax products fill in and set hairs in place all in one go!


For my eyeshadow, I applied some of my face powder all over my lid up to the brow bone to help blending. I then used the powder shade from my eyebrow kit and applied this all over my lids (lightly) and blended. To create depth, I took the same colour on a smaller, denser brush and placed this in my crease and outer corner, as well as under my eyes.

I wanted to do eyeliner but didn’t have enough allowance for it, so I used my mascara instead.


I took a lip brush and dabbed it on the wand to pick up some product. I then used it as though it were a gel liner and it worked perfectly! To finish my eyes I applied a coat of mascara.


For my lips, I applied the same lipstick I had used as blusher.

And my look was done!






As you can see, it’s not easy to do a whole face of makeup with a budget of only 20 euro, but you can use products for more than one purpose and it IS possible! Be sure to head over to my blog and see Jamie’s take on the challenge! I’d like to thank Jamie again for giving the chance to guest blog on her site – it’s been super fun and I’d love to do this again sometime in the future!

I hope you have a beautiful day and until next time,

Katie xo

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