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Photo Challenge: Change

I’m happy to say that Friday came quick this week and I’m not going to complain about that! So as with every Friday, I’m sharing my response to The Daily Post’s weekly Photo Challenge. This past week’s challenge was “Change”. I was completely inspired by the photo they chose to use as an example, which was a photo of the mountains at Denali National Park. The expansive range form their own weather systems and as they explain it can look stormy at one peak while another peak is basking in the sunlight.

This reminded me of the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona and how I could see so far across the land. I could be standing under clear skies and in the distance I would see a storm brewing and lightning. My picture doesn’t show as dramatic of a change as the example taken at Denali National Park, but here it is!


From where I stood, I was under fluffy clouds, but still very much in the light. In the distance, the red rocks are in shadow and probably awaiting a downpour, if it wasn’t already raining over there. I love the change from the sunlight lit red rocks in the foreground topped off with pillowy clouds and then the change to the dark background and dark skies. It looks so ominous in the distance. There’s something really beautiful about being able to see so far into the distance and get a glimpse of how different the weather can be even within your sights. It really makes me think about how small I am in this big world!


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