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Last month I wrote about the fun new Kate Spade clutches that were out such as the insanely cute gnome with the glittery hat. No, I didn’t get one of these novelty clutches, but I did stop by the Kate Spade outlet store a few weekends ago. Back in July or August I was at a different outlet and saw a wallet/wristlet there that was really practical and cute. It was a tech wristlet, so it was made with your phone in mind. I went back and forth on whether to get it and ultimately decided not to get it. But guess what happened as soon as I got home? I regretted not buying it! The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. It just seemed so practical! I hadn’t used a wristlet in the longest time because the ones I had could no longer fit my phone, keys, money, etc. But this one looked like the perfect solution since it was longer and wallet shaped and was made with your cell in mind! I looked online and could not find it at all. I spent a few days looking around online at the Kate Spade website as well as other retailers that sell Kate Spade, all to no avail.

Fast forward 2 months and I forgot about it until I walked past the Kate Spade store and thought I’d give it a look. This was a different, bigger store and although it had been 2 months I figured it was worth a shot.

I didn’t see the gnome or the strawberry clutches, but I did see a few other cute ones!


This purse in the shape of a champagne bottle reads “Cheers, Darling!” and looks so fun.


This bejeweled black clutch is actually pretty heavy. The entire black clutch is decked out in little rhinestones, but the cutest part is there is a train on top! The train is metal and is where the clutch opens up.

Of course, neither of these purses are very practical – although I think you could make the train clutch work!

But onto the most exciting part – I found the wristlet! The store was crowded and there’s just so much to look at so it took me a few rounds to find it, but find it I did! There were only 2 colors available – black and camel. I opted for black since it will pretty much match anything and be good year round. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the pretty mint color that I saw it in over the summer, but beggars can’t be choosers!



“We’ve designed this tech-savvy piece specifically to house your most treasured digital essential. Simply tuck your device away and play it safe as you dash off to your next adventure.”


My iPhone 5c fits perfectly, but I’ve also tried putting a iPhone 6s in and it fits as well.


There are lots of slots inside for your cards, id, etc. and plenty of room for your cash, keys, and phone. There’s also an outside zipper for some extra storage. You wouldn’t be able to fit anything bulky into the outside zipper part, but I used it last weekend for my parking garage ticket when I went out which was perfect so I didn’t have to open up my whole wallet/wristlet to get my ticket out.

Now, I know I said the exciting part was that I finally found this wristlet, but the best part is that I got it for 50% off!! Yes, the day I went into the store and decided to buy it – everything in the store was 50% off. I guess I just wasn’t meant to get it back in July! I’ve used this wristlet a few times in the few weeks that I’ve had it and I already love it!

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