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Photo Challenge: Treat

Happy Fri-yay! Friday at last, which means it’s the day I post my response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. This week the challenge was “Treat” and I immediately knew just what I was going to post.

Early last week I met up with a girl friend of mine after work at a mall near where we both work and live.  I’d been telling her about this little crepe place there for a while now and the place serves super yummy sweet and savory crepes and is all farm to table. So we decided to finally meet up there to snack on some delicious crepes and catch up in person.


Here’s a little glimpse of my delectable crepe. I’m a big fan of sweet crepes and much prefer them over savory ones. I don’t remember the name of this particular crepe, but it was filled with raspberry jam and marshmallows and topped with powdered sugar. It came with a side of whipped cream, which was thicker than your normal store-bought whipped cream and heavenly. I also had the option of adding a scoop of ice cream, but I decided to be good (well, as good as you can be while stuffing your face with this mouth watering dessert crepe) and forgo the ice cream.

This crepe was certainly a treat, especially because I’ve been trying to be a bit more consistent with working out and more mindful of what I’m eating in order to prepare my body for the onslaught of goodies during the holiday season! I figure if I’m on my fitness game early, I won’t feel as bad eating to my heart’s content Thanksgiving through New Year’s. Makes sense, right?


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