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October 2020 Favorites

I can’t believe it’s already November. So everyday this past week, I’ve woken up for work and for a split second I thought it was Friday. Then, yesterday it was finally Saturday and I woke up at 7 and freaked out for a second thinking I was late for work. Typical.

But anyway, with the end of another month I have a few October favorites to share with you.

First up are these purple floral workout leggings. I got them from the Jockey store at the outlets in September. They’re my first pair of leggings from Jockey and they are extremely comfortable and soft. I hate when you get workout leggings that are super tight and constricting. These are not like that. They are literally a dream!

Another favorite of mine in October were my new brown booties. They are so comfortable and perfect for fall.

Do you remember a long time ago when Pop-Tarts made little miniature pop-tarts? I used to love those when I was a kid and then they stopped making them. Well, they’re back! I’m not sure if these are exactly like the ones I remember from my childhood, but the concept is the same.

They’re so good and perfect for eating in the car on the way to work.

My last favorite is the Pete Souza documentary, “The Way I see It”. It was so good, I watched parts of it multiple times when it was on tv and I dvr’d it too. If you don’t know what it’s about – it’s about Pete Souza. He was the chief White House photographer for Obama and he also was an official photographer for Reagan. I loved it and I definitely cried during it.

That’s it for my October favorites! It was just a few things this month. What are some things you loved in October?

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