Lighted Pumpkin Path

How was your Halloween? Was it much different this year due to the pandemic? I went on a last minute outing with some friends. We went to Brite Nites, which is a Halloween event at a farm not too far away. They have a path of intricately carved pumpkins – over 1,000! I assume that in years past it has been a walk-through experience, but this year with the pandemic they did a drive-thru version. It was really nice and the pumpkins were so cool! I took a bunch of photos to share with you guys.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes since it’s not a very large display and everyone drives slowly to see everything, but it was really nice. Sometimes when these kinds of light displays take a very long time and are miles long they make me car sick so this was perfect for me.

If you’re in New Jersey, it’s going on for a few more days. You can click here for dates and details.

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