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Photo Challenge: Victory

With all the crazy and heartbreaking things going on in the world, it’s nice to think happy thoughts which fits in to this week’s The Daily Post’s photo challenge – “Victory”. I mentioned in last week’s photo challenge response that I thought about using a picture from my trip to Belgium, but decided on another picture instead. Well, this week I am going to use a picture (actually pictures) from that trip.

battle of waterloo memorial 2 copy

battle of waterloo memorial 3 copy

battle of waterloo memorial 1 copy

While I was in Belgium, I went to The Lion’s Mound which is a large mound/hill that commemorates the Battle of Waterloo – the battle where Napoleon was defeated. Obviously, for Napoleon this mound is decidedly not a victory, but I’m counting this is a victory for me because – have you seen this mound?! At first glance, I looked at it and thought – easy. Then, halfway through your thighs start to burn and you’re thinking “I’m only halfway there??!” Add to this the wind and rain that was alternately misting and pelting my face and reaching the top definitely felt like a win.

The top photo was not actually taken by me, but by my mom. I included it though because that bright blue figure painstakingly climbing the steps is none other than me! As you can see in the photos, the weather was not great but it made me appreciate reaching the top that much more.

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