It’s Mallomar Season

So if you haven’t noticed in your local supermarket yet, Mallomars have been out for a few weeks now! I don’t even know if they’re sold all over the country, but here in the northeast US these seasonal treats are quite popular. Once they hit the shelves, I know it’s officially fall.

A hard shell of chocolate covers a marshmallow type fluff and a soft cookie for a yummy treat.

DSCF2204 copy

DSCF2205 copy

DSCF2207 copy

I found some fun facts about these little tasty treats like the fact that every year 70% of Mallomars sold are in the New York metropolitan area and that they’re only available from September – March. This was originally because they were afraid the chocolate would melt, but today the limited availability is just fun hype.

So pick up your box today, grab some milk, and snack away! Enjoy the start of the weekend and I have some very exciting things coming up for you guys in the next few days so stay tuned!

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