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Trend: Ripped Jeans & Gift Ideas

Style This Trend: Ripped Jeans


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in 1 week! Where does the time go? From now until Christmas I’ll be sprinkling gift ideas in various posts whether it is an outright gift idea post such as my recent illustrated Harry Potter post or one like this post where I talk about some styles and trends that could also be great gift ideas. If you couldn’t tell from the set above or the title to this post, the trend I’m talking about is ripped jeans. Ripped jeans is a trend that comes and goes over the years and has made a resurgence this year. I really like the ripped jeans look, however I always have to be careful when putting them on because I’ve made the mistake many times to carelessly put them on and have my toe(s) go through one of the holes and making the rips larger! Does anyone else have this problem?
So if you’re looking for any clothing items to give to someone for the holidays – and it’s someone you know well enough to know their pant size – ripped jeans are a great trendy gift. To accompany these ripped jeans I paired it with a plaid top with a lace back, which I actually own! Funnily enough, I made this set on Polyvore a month ago and loved this top that I found. Then, I had a few coupons and rewards certificates to use at Express, saw that this top was available, and snatched it up! Be on the lookout for a future OOTD featuring this top! You can’t go wrong with plaid for a fashionable holiday gift either! Lastly, I accessorized this look with champagne diamond stud earrings and a Henri Bendel Petal Charm Kitchen Sink Charm Bracelet. Jewelry is always a nice gift idea. You don’t need to get these specific items, but I know I always appreciate a pair of stud earrings and charm bracelets are so pretty and you can really personalize them for whoever you want to gift one to! This particular bracelet is so pretty and it’s rose gold which is super hot right now. It’s also on sale for 40% off so that’s something to consider if you’re interested in gifting it to someone or yourself!
You can’t go wrong with ripped jeans, a plaid top, earrings and a rose gold charm bracelet this year. So whether you want to treat yourself or someone else, happy shopping!

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