Glamulet Charms Pre-sale + Giveaway

I have a very exciting post for you guys today. Glamuletis a brand that designs charms and bracelets. They do sell other jewelry like necklaces and rings, but they are most known for their glamorous bracelets and charms. They offer so many different charms ranging from Murano Glass Bead charms to Rose Gold ones.

Now onto the exciting part – Glamulet is having a pre-sale on some of their charms and I have a discount code (keep reading for the code) just for you! With the pre-sale, you can save up to 50% and with my discount code you can save an additional 15%! It is definitely getting to be that time of year for Christmas and holiday shopping and a personalized charm bracelet would be an awesome and beautiful gift. Glamulet charms are compatible with Pandora bracelets so if you or whoever you’d like to buy charms for already have a Pandora bracelet you can still buy these charms!

Glamulet Pre-Sale

Here are photos of 3 of the charms I like the best:

Floral-pastel-murano-glass-bead (1)

Floral Pastel Murano Glass Bead Charm

Four Leaf Clover - Rose Gold

Four Leaf Clover Rose Gold Charm

Sparkly Christmas Tree Charm

Sparkly Christmas Tree Charm

Super cute, right?! Below are some more details.

The pre-sale prices will be adjusted as follows:

First 20 customers – 50% discount
21st to 99th- 25% discount
100th 10% discount

I’ve linked to both the regular Glamulet site and to the Pre-Sale site above earlier in the post.

I said the pre-sale and discount code were the exciting part, but it’s about to get even better. Glamulet is hosting a giveaway! 100 lucky winners will be receive a set of pre-sale charms worth $75!

Click here to enter the giveaway! 

Glamulet charms would be a great gift to yourself or to others for the upcoming holidays, so I hope you will enter the giveaway and take advantage of the pre-sale and discount code. The pre-sale campaign ends on November 30th so get clicking!

As promised, my discount code is wjamie15. Enter my code to receive 15% off! (Also, can we take a minute to think about how cool it is that my name is in the discount code?!)

I want to thank Glamulet for this opportunity and also thank all of you wonderful readers. Without you, I wouldn’t get opportunities like this to share with you all!


*This post was sponsored by BrandBacker* 


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