50 Things That Make Me Happy

A while ago, I saw this 50 Things That Make Me Happy post going around. It seemed like a fun post to do so I wanted to participate. Since then I’ve been compiling a list of 50 things as they came to mind.


So here we go!

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. ripping pant pockets of new dress pants – Most dress pants have their pockets sewn shut and I love ripping them open! 
2. fresh laundry
3. Christmas decorations
4. Hallmark Channel movies
5. cozy sweaters
6. stepping on crunchy leaves
7. night drives with good music
8. driving with the windows down
9. playing a song I like on repeat
10. falling asleep to the sound of rain
11. fuzzy socks
12. warm towels from the dryer
13. fluffy robe in the winter
14. peel off masks & nose strips – I know I’m not the only person who fights great satisfaction on peeling off masks and nose strips! 
15. amazingly, delicious food
16. fresh snow
17. a cool breeze on a hot day at the beach
18. watching movies snuggled up under a blanket
19. staying under the covers on cold winter days
20. boot socks
21. putting my makeup on in the morning – I found putting my makeup on very therapeutic
22. candles
23. firepits
24. laughing until my stomach and cheeks hurt
25. Watching movies that make your heart hurt but ultimately have a happy ending
26. reminiscing with friends
27. sleeping in my own bed after a trip
28. sun showers
29. nighttime drives to see houses lit up for christmas
30. holiday food
31. feeling appreciated
32. good hair days
33. looking and feeling both comfortable and stylish
34. showering after a day at the beach – Feels so good to wash all the sand off your body!
35. getting my hair done
36. getting a massage
37. a successful recipe attempt
38. a successful Pinterest craft
39. stacking coupons and gift certificates –> saving lots of money on a purchase
40. Christmas movies
41. feeling good after a workout
42. Dancing with the Stars – I love watching the show and wishing I could dance like the professionals. They make it look so easy!
43. French boy talking to reporter in France – Have you seen this video? A reporter interviewed a little boy and his father following the Paris attacks. It makes my heart melt. 
44. baby giggles
45. making lists
46. hot showers on cold mornings
47. stargazing
48. going to the movies
49. Friends reruns & reciting lines from it
50. being with friends & family

There are probably lots of other things that make me happy that I’m forgetting, but these are the first 50 I jotted down. If you decide to make a list of your own, please do share!


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