Thanksgiving Turkey Cinnamon Buns

No, these cinnamon buns do not contain turkey in them – that would be sorta gross. What I’m sharing with you today are cinnamon buns decorated to look like turkeys for Thanksgiving! I found this cute idea from Pillsbury and I made a slight change.

This is very easy to do! All you need is a pack of Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns. You’ll cook them in a round pan. Once they’re cooked, you can ice your cinnamon buns and then stick bacon (I ripped the strips in half) strips into the buns to act as the feathers of the turkey. Pillsbury had sugar eyes, but I didn’t have those and I wasn’t going to go buy them just for a few cinnamon buns! So instead I used chocolate chips for the eyes which might not be as cute as the sugar eyes, but still worked. Lastly, I used candy corn for the beaks.

DSCF2287 copy

DSCF2289 copy

DSCF2290 copy

DSCF2292 copy

DSCF2295 copy

Perfectly festive Thanksgiving themed snack or breakfast!

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  1. HealthySoulFood says:

    Love this!! Such a cute idea! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was happy it didn’t turn out to be a Pinterest fail lol


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