Fratello’s Restaurant

Back in October, I wrote about a fundraiser I attended for my friend Brittany who is battling cancer. In a raffle, I won 3 restaurant gift certificates. One was to Fratello’s Restaurant in Sea Girt, NJ. I went there a few weeks ago and of course I brought Brittany along with me.

Since this was a restaurant that I won a gift certificate for, I thought I would include some details and pictures of my visit!

First off, the restaurant is so cute on the outside with a striped awning and twinkle lights all around.

Fratello's Restaurant

Complimentary bread and bruschetta graced our table shortly after we were seated. Bread and bruschetta are always a good start to a meal at an italian restaurant in my book! The bruschetta at Fratello’s was primarly tomato as you can see below.
Fratello's Bruschetta

Our meals came with salads and I got the house salad, which was not my favorite. It was a bit too sour for my liking.
Fratello's Salad

I got the penne vodka for my entree. It was very tasty. A much lighter, less creamy penne vodka than I’ve had in the past, but still good nonetheless. Since it was less creamy, it definitely meant I was able to eat more!
Penne Vodka

The menu is quite expansive ranging from pasta dishes, meat dishes, and seafood.

The restaurant was filled with people — clearly a local hotspot and the ambience was very friendly and warm. If I were going out to dinner in that area again, I would definitely go back!

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