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Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

When I saw that the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Eye Spy”, I really wanted to make my photo response something Christmas related. When I think of the phrase “eye spy”, I automatically finish it in my head with “with my little eye”. So I decided to do something a little more creative than usual.

Photo Challenge- Eye Spy

My idea was to take a picture from the floor looking up at my Christmas tree as if I was a little kid. I also used the Toy Camera setting on my Fujifilm X30 which created the shaded borders in the photo. That really added to the feeling I was trying to create with this photo response because it’s as if a little kid is waiting for Santa and taking pictures with their toy camera. At the last minute I decided to add the nutcracker to further create this idea of a little kid spying and seeing secret things taking place on Christmas Eve.

Hopefully, you can get the idea of what I was trying to create here!

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