Floral Charm Necklace

Adding jewelry can dress up a basic outfit. Said jewelry doesn’t have to be fancy or bold –  It can be simple and extremely affordable. I wore this flower charm necklace from Forever 21 to add something to my work look.

Floral Charm Necklace 4
Floral Charm Necklace
Floral Charm Necklace 1
Floral Charm Necklace 3

This necklace is really long so you could wear it in a really long single strand or double it up like I did for a more practical work look. The necklace like this one ups the look a little bit and like I said it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or blingy. There’s nothing blingy about this particular necklace. It is a strand of medium and small sized gold floral charms and that’s it!  So next time you want to add a little something to your look just remember you can keep it super simple to change it up especially if it’s for work where we probably aren’t looking to stand out.

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