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January 2016 Favorites

January 2016 Favorites


It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2016 has already gone by. I keep seeing things on Instagram about how January is just a warm up to the year and you can really get started after January, which I hope is true because I feel like I totally wasted the month!
I have just a handful of favorites from January in the collage above, but a few videos which I’ll detail down below.
  • First up, I got my fair share of Halls Vitamin C Drops in January while suffering from a bad cold for 2 weeks!
  • I love Blanket Scarves and I’m happy I got to implement them more this past month.
  • The BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie nude lip trio was my favorite beauty item or set in January. I raved about it here.
  • A lot of shows are starting to come off their holiday break and I’m loving so many, but I wanted to highlight new show, “Telenovela”, for January. It’s Eva Longoria’s new comedy and I really like it. Eva Longoria plays a star on a Spanish soap opera or telenovela and it follows her life behind the scenes trying to remain the star when her ex-husband gets a role on the show. Plus, she doesn’t speak Spanish at all so her whole image is fake and it’s hilarious!

Now onto all those videos I mentioned earlier. I’ve got 3 videos to share with you all that I loved in January. I normally share a song that I’ve been loving for the month so that’s one of them.

  • Adele’s song ‘Water Under the Bridge” is catchy and it’s one of those songs that once you hear it once you can’t stop humming it!
  • Have you seen this viral video of a three year old girl who knows all the lyrics to The Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”? It’s SO cute!
  • Another video that’s become a sensation in recent days is a video of actors and couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell from a few years ago but only recently posted for the world to see. They note that it was from a trip of theirs to Africa before they had kids. They made a homemade music video to Toto’s “Africa” and it’s great. All I can is #relationshipgoals.

They are all a must watch, in my opinion!

Seriously, these videos will have you tapping your toes and put a smile on your face!

What were some of your favorites from January?

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