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Beauty Blender for Winter

It’s Wednesday! It’s going to be a long day for me today with work and parent/teacher conferences after work until 7 and yours truly has every. single. time slot filled tonight (parents make appointments). Back in the fall when we had our first set of parent/teacher conferences we got a 30 minute break for dinner, which my school nicely provided, and by the time I got to the front of the line for pizza it was all gone! Cue the sad music. So hopefully that won’t happen to me tonight. Cross your fingers for me!

Moving on to the point of today’s post – I think it’s safe to say that many of us are suffering from dry winter skin. I know I’ve already mentioned it a few times on here in the past 2-3 months. While my serums and creams and whatnot are helping to battle the dryness, it’s not completely taken care of or at least not on a daily basis. I recently started using a new foundation, which I won’t name just yet because I’ll eventually do a full review, but it’s a serum foundation. I thought to myself, this is perfect for my dry skin- serums are more hydrating and lightweight! Nope. Well, I don’t think it’s the foundation exactly, but I think my face has just been super dry lately despite using the products that normally hydrate my skin. It could also be that I’ve recently come off a really bad cold that lasted 2 weeks.

Anywho, one day I looked in the mirror and my skin was incredibly dry. Like to the point where I was like no way, cannot be seen like this! I wasn’t going to stop using the foundation because 1) I didn’t think it was the foundation’s fault entirely and 2) I’m stubborn. So, I took out my Beauty Blender. I bought a set of 2 Beauty Blenders over a year ago because there was so much hype over these little sponges and after trying it out I thought they were okay, but I much preferred my brushes. I decided that maybe my skin would look less dry if I used a damp Beauty Blender to apply my foundation and guess what? It worked!

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender 1

The one I’m currently using is hidden behind the container cause no one needs to see a used one! This little beauty [blender] has been working wonders for me. I wet the sponge and squeeze out the water, then I put a few drops of my foundation onto the sponge and start dabbing it around my face and then start to work it in by blotting and dabbing it all around. I think this works for 2 reasons. First, the damp applicator helps to offer moisture to the skin. Second, by pressing the foundation into your skin with the sponge instead of buffing with a brush you’re not kicking up any dry skin or rubbing your skin and loosening up the skin cells. That’s my logic anyway!

I still love my brushes, but I’ve finally realized the magic of the Beauty Blender!

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