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I love putting together home decor sets on Polyvore  because it’s always fun to imagine what my future dream home or homes will look like. Polyvore had a home decor challenge involving green decor, which works for me since it’s my favorite color.
For this challenge, I chose the bedroom as my room of choice. I  chose a spacious bedroom with green walls and white trim. I love that this room has a ton of natural light and looks so open with its high ceilings. The bedding has touches of green with the duvet and throw pillows.
The clock may be my favorite piece I chose for the set. I love how bright white it is and the roman numerals and outlining look so vintage, but the fact that it’s green gives it a mix of modern day meets old time-y (no pun intended!).
The room is large so I thought it would be a nice touch to have a folding screen which could double as a decorative piece or a changing area. I love the sand color, which would go perfectly with the greens and whites in the room and the quilted design is so classic and timeless.
Again, since the room looks large a little seating is always nice. This swivel love seat is perfect! And to finish off the room, fresh flowers are always the icing on the cake. I chose a simple bouquet of daisies, because nothing says homey and cozy like daisies in my opinion. I chose a bouquet of white and yellow daisies because it’s a superb color combination to work with the color scheme I have going for the room.
How would you incorporate the color green in your home?

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