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Essential 2019 Kitchen Trends No Decor Addict Should Miss!

Forget the catwalk or the latest offering from Chanel! To really be on the pulse this year you will need to know what the trends in kitchen design are. Luckily, I have your back here, because below you will find a rundown on all the essential fashions you will need to include into your kitchen in 2019 if you want to elicit oohs, ahhs, and all the compliments from any visitors that is? Just keep reading to find out what they are.

Islands and carts
Number one on our list of essential 2019 kitchen trends is islands and carts. This particular trend is fantastic because not only does it look great, but is supremely practical as well because it provides you with more room for organization, as well as the flexibility to add more workspace an even an eating space if you need it.

For those with larger budgets installing a fitted island into the middle of the room can work particularly well. Usually, this is made in line with the rest of the kitchen decor being constructed from the same materials to provide a seamless look. You can even get draws built in, and customized racks for any utensils and equipment that you use regularly.

However, even those of us on a more modest budget can jump on this trend with a moving portable kitchen cart. A product that is now widely available, or can even be DYIed if you are feeling creative.

In fact, for under $30 you even can buy this little number from Ikea that is fantastic for using as a baking equipment station, or even as a cocktail cart that you can wheel from the kitchen to wherever it’s needed in the house.

Another option here is to buy a vintage cocktail cart instead. Yes, these tend to be a little more expensive especially for the original 70s versions, but they are supremely stylish, and the metallic finish will fit in with the other trends mentioned below. Allowing you to kill two birds with one stone!

Concealed storage
Riffing off the minimalist look of 2018 concealed storage in the kitchen is set to become a huge trend this year. In fact, it’s all about clearing off those countertops and embraced the purity of line, even in such as high use space as the kitchen.

Of course, to achieve this you must become adept at putting away every appliance and accessory that is currently not in use, and consequently, you need to have loads of storage space that is carefully tailored not to be visible to the naked eye.

That is where concealed storage comes in, and it’s all about using space in your kitchen to create secret hidey-holes for all your gadgets. The way this is done is to use soft touch openings, and flush paneling, so cupboards and draws merely look as if they are part of the walls unless you are in on the secrete and know they are there!

Also, don’t forget that rising powerpoints, knife racks, and win chillers are also a fabulous way of using space practically in your kitchen, but also retain that minimal clean look.

Although, for these to work effectively its best if they are installed by professionals. Otherwise, they can end up causing you frustration when they are just that little tiny bit off. Something that can really ruin that high-quality look you are trying to create.

Simple, natural countertops
Next, when it comes to 2019 kitchen trends, you absolutely have to embrace the natural and functional worktop. In fact, if you get these right, it can enhance the ambiance of your entire kitchen design!

One option to consider is the surfaces offered by companies like World Stone Group that are made from beautiful and supremely stylish granite or quartz. These two naturally occurring materials are not only attractive but hard wearing as well, meaning they will survive regular vigorous cleaning, and still look great. Something that makes them an excellent investment for the long term.


Granite countertops can life your whole kitchen design.

In fact, the trend in 2019 worktops is all about natural finishes. That means other viable options include slate and even wood. Both of which will provide a rustic and homely feel, while still being of the moment in term of kitchen design.


Wooden countertops can give you a more rustic feel.
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Although it is worth noting that with the wooden option, in particular, the maintenance and cleaning can be a little more difficult, as can keeping them looking like new. Unless you are prepared to have them powder sanded every now and again!

Vintage luxe
One of the most fun trends in kitchens this year is the vintage luxe look, a style that has evolved from the minimalist rooms of last year to include little more color and warmth. Such a look still relies on being fairly minimalist especially on the wall and floors, but it can also include pops of darker heritage colors like Breton blue for contrast.

These deep hues are then set off with metallic fittings in tones that are on the cusp of becoming popular, such as vintage gold, pewter, and even copper. Happily, even if you can’t afford to replace all if the cabinet handles and taps in your kitchen you can achieve this look fairly easily by finding a suspended pan rack and filling it with copper pots and utensils. Something that is not only beautiful but supremely functional as well.

Open shelving
OK, so I know that one of this year’s trend is concealed storage so it may seem a little weird that open shelves are in this list too. However, bear with me here, because this type of shelving is all about carefully creating some texture and interest in your kitchen space.

In fact, it’s not really about functional storage at all, but more about accessorizing your kitchen in the right way. Of course, if you can include some of the other themes such as metallics and simple natural materials such as granite, in either the shelves or the items you choose to display on them you really will be crushing the kitchen trend of 2019, and will live up to your home decor addict reputation.

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