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Today is the first day of school! As I write this (the night before), I am lamenting the fact that summer is officially over. There’s a little bit of excitement for a new year to start, meet my new students, and see old ones but that’s mixed with sadness that summer is over and dread of all the work ahead for me. Hopefully today’s a good day and leaves me feeling optimistic for the year ahead!

In the meantime, today I’m writing about a home decor/furniture piece. As you know, I bought and moved in to a townhouse with my brother at the start of the summer. We bought a lot of new furniture and are still buying things. We have all the essentials and now it’s mostly just things we’d like to get and things we need to decorate. One of the first things we got was a kitchen cart. Not a bar cart, but a cart that could actually store things and would be another prep space. While my kitchen is decent sized, there’s not a lot of counter space and it may look like there’s a lot of cabinets, but there’s actually not that much functional cabinet space. A kitchen cart was vital for extra prep space, room, and to store big items and appliances that wouldn’t fit in cabinets and we didn’t want to put on our precious counter space.

We searched for a little while for one we liked and fit all our criteria until we found this one – the Lindstrom Kitchen Cart from Costco. It’s one of the best things we’ve gotten!

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It fits perfectly into the corner of the kitchen. It has enough space on top for our Keurig, some little things like napkins, bread, etc., toaster oven, and leaves enough space for prep. Underneath, I have my rice cooker, Ninja (slow cooker), mini prep, can opener, pasta pot, and one of those electric grill griddle things. Oh yeah and my lunch box for work. I have my Green Pan pots and pans hanging from the hooks in the front and on the end is actually a bottle opener. The two ends of the cart have bars for towels and tucked between the cart and the wall I have my step stool so I can reach the top shelves of my cabinets. I’m short and the shelves in the cabinets go really high! I seriously need to be on the second step to get my mixing bowls down!

You might be wondering why I have a granite slab underneath my toaster oven. We were afraid that the oven would get really hot on the wood top of the cart. So our solution was to use a leftover slab of granite from my parents’ house from when they redid their counters years ago. So it just sits on that and it has worked out perfectly.

The cart has wheels, but we don’t have a reason to move it around. If you have a bigger kitchen and want a cart like this to serve as a sort of island that you can move around or out of the way, this cart would be perfect.

This cart really is one of the best things I’ve gotten for the townhouse. If you’re looking for something similar, I can’t recommend this one enough. It is so great and it is so helpful if you’re short on space! I’m all about maximizing my space these days!

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