Longwood Gardens - Rose Garden

Longwood Gardens

Hi all, as you may have read yesterday, I’m back from Alaska but have loads more to share with you all from my trip traveling around “The Last Frontier” for 12 days. However, as I get myself organized and rested up from traveling I thought I would share my YouTube video from my day trip last month to Longwood Gardens as opposed to a travel post. I’ve also come home very tired and to very sad personal news. I questioned whether I should write my post today at all, but keeping busy is best and blogging brings me joy which I could use right about now.

So for today’s post, I’m going to share a few pictures from the gardens as well as my latest YouTube video .I went last month during Father’s Day weekend and walked around the beautiful gardens as well as had an exceptional lunch at 1906, which I raved about here.

Longwood Gardens - Flower Path
Longwood Gardens - Gazebo
Longwood Gardens - Fountains
Longwood Gardens - Conservatory
Longwood Gardens - Rose Arbor
Longwood Gardens - Rose Garden
Longwood Gardens - Topiary Garden

The grounds are so beautiful and one of the guides there told me that every time you go it could be completely different since different flowers bloom at different times. For example, I walked by (and you’ll see in the video) a large space of just grass which looked like a well-manicured field. Apparently later in the summer that field is full of wild flowers creating a gorgeous meadow! Longwood Gardens is about 2 hours away, so not exactly somewhere I’d go on a whim, but I do intend to go back this holiday season because I’ve heard that they really go all out with Christmas decorations and create a wonderland which I would absolutely love to see.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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