Prints Charming: A Shorts Story

Prints Charming: A Shorts Story


I personally don’t own any Lilly Pulitzer items, but if we’re talking about prints and shorts with prints for that matter then it is a brand that must be considered. I chose these shorts in the classic Lilly Pulitzer colors and print, which shows off a summery, bright, bold, and fun design. With so much going on with the shorts, it is only natural to go with a plain white top so as to not have a look that is too busy or bright. Same goes for the white footwear. The white leather-look flat sandals are simple so as to keep the shorts the focus. However, flat sandals with ankle straps is dressier than your average flip flop or sandal. Lastly, I chose a set of enamel bangles with varying shades of green/blue to pick up on the colors on the shorts. I have a soft spot for pretty bangles and wish I could wear them. Sadly, my wrists are pretty small and all bangles I’ve ever tried on just slide right off. I wish there was a way to make them adjustable but then I guess they would lose what makes them bangles.
What are your thoughts on printed shorts?

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  1. I love printed shorts, I got a pair from Old Navy for a sweet deal 🙂.

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    1. I love good finds at Old Navy!

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