H&M Floral Dress

Sweet Floral Print Dress

So by now, even if you’re relatively new to my blog, you probably have come to realize that my favorite print is floral. I just love it and I rarely see a floral print that I do not like. The all-over floral print on this white dress may seem a little busy to some, but I love it. The pastel pinks and greens mixed with the black leaves creates this sweet, romantic look that really stands out.

H&M Floral Dress
H&M Floral Dress 1
H&M Floral Dress 2
H&M Floral Dress 3
H&M Floral Dress 4
H&M Floral Dress Selfie
Dress: H&M | Sandals: Steve Madden via DSW

The dress was so comfortable and fit perfectly. It has just a bit of a stretch to the material, which is always welcome. The best part? I felt like a million bucks in this beautiful sweet, floral print dress that was comfortable and was a perfect fit and I only paid *drumroll please* $9.99!!!! Yes, that’s right. I got this dress from H&M for less than $10 and because we do not pay tax on clothes in New Jersey, I really did only pay $9.99. Well, that wasn’t my total because I did buy a few other items, but you get what I mean.

This dress was a total bargain and I definitely would’ve paid much more than $9.99 for it. However, if anyone from H&M is reading this, that wasn’t an invitation to price your items higher!



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