Fall Footwear Trend: Loafers

Fall Footwear Trend: Loafers


As always, things come back in style and that’s the case with loafers. Well, technically loafers never really went out of style but I feel like you hear people talking about them more lately. And I don’t know what it is about the name “loafers” but it just makes me think of a style of shoe made for older people. Anyway, they’re really trendy lately and there are some really cute ones out there so I wanted to take part in the Polyvore challenge for this fall footwear trend.
I chose these navy blue canvas loafers with stars and cat faces. Now, what I’m about to say may not be very popular with some of you, but I really dislike cats! However, these cat faces on the loafers are pretty cute so that’s why I chose them. I styled the loafers with a striped boat neck top with an open back and button placket, jeans, a rose gold watch with a blue face, and cobalt blue teardrop earrings.
What do you think of the loafer footwear trend?

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