Fall Stripe Ribbed Tee
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Fall Stripe Ribbed Tee

I had my 2nd VBeam session yesterday (if you missed my post about my first laser treatment session for scars on my face you can click here). It hurt a little more than last time because the doctor increased the intensity of the laser a bit. I had one of those under the skin pimples on my cheek and I have a dark bruise there now. I read that bruising can be a side effect. It’s not huge, just very dark so I’m hoping makeup does a good job of covering it up today! I’m also hoping it doesn’t spread and just gradually (or not so gradually) gets smaller and lighter over the next few days. Fingers crossed! I’m going to write a blog post all about this 2nd session over the weekend. It’ll basically be about what I just talked about but with a little more detail and hopefully a good update on this bruise.

But on to today’s post. I’m sharing the quintessential fall outfit for a super fall outing. Over the weekend I went apple picking with some friends – more on that in a blog post this weekend. I wore this striped ribbed tee with asymmetrical hem jeans. The stripes in the tee are the perfect fall colors and they give me retro vibes as well and you all know how much I love that!

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Top: American Eagle (here) | Jeans: American Eagle (here) | Sandals: DSW (here)

The ribbed detail on this crewneck tee makes it look like a short sleeve sweater, which I like, but it’s super lightweight so it’s perfect for this time of year. It was the best outfit to wear for such a autumnal activity like apple picking…even though it was almost 90 degrees that day!

I paired it with high waisted cropped jeans with an asymmetrical fringe hem and sandals. I wore sunglasses and my large panama hat to protect my face from the sun during the scorching morning apple picking.

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