Russian Hill

#fbf San Francisco Hills

When most people think of San Francisco they probably think of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and fog. Sometimes people think about the steep hills in the city and they are seriously steep. It’s hard to capture the steepness in photos. You have to be in just the right spot for it to translate on camera. While I was looking through photos on my phone I came across a photo that I think really shows off the steep streets.

The photo I’m sharing today in this #fbf, Flashback Friday, is from the morning I went to Lombard St. aka The Crookedest Street. After taking a ton of photos and waiting for people to get out of the way so I could take more photos, we walked to find some breakfast in the area. The neighborhood/area of Lombard Street is called Russian Hill and after a quick online search I learned that it’s an upscale residential neighborhood and named after one of San Francisco’s 44 hills and one of it’s original “Seven Hills”.

Russian Hill

You may be able to tell that from where I’m standing is at the top of a hill. The cars park perpendicular on the steep streets so you can tell this one is a bit steep. Then if you look in the distance you can see how high up the street goes! Can you imagine walking up that? I’m tired just looking at it. I don’t know what would be worse – walking up the steep hill or walking down in heels. I think walking up would be really painful and walking down would be scary. In any case, the streets are iconic and really cool in my opinion!

Anyway, that’s my #fbf for this week. Have a great Friday!

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