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Christmas Home Decor Goals

A few weeks ago at Thanksgiving I wrote a post about Thanksgiving tablescape goals and I really enjoyed putting that together so I wanted to do a similar post today. Instead of focusing on table settings though, I wanted to round up some home decor goals for Christmas.

I love Christmas decorations and ever since I was little I wanted more and more decorations than what we already had. I would watch Christmas movies that had houses filled with multiple trees and garland everywhere and think – that’s what I want! The thing is I have such a wide range of tastes that I think I’d have to do a different theme every year (rustic, sophisticated, nostalgic, etc.) or better idea – multiple trees in my house so I can do all different looks.


I don’t know that I would definitely do a whole red theme, but what I admire about this decor is that they really stuck with one cohesive look. It looks so festive and classic!


Okay, a dream of mine is to have garland that is adorned with lights. This foyer area looks so pretty and cozy with the white lights streaming through the garland down the bannister.


So we’ve already talked about my love for garland with lights on railings and bannisters, but this garland framing the living room window complete with wreath is just beautiful.


I love the mirror with the wreath! The bright white/gold lights give the room such a dreamy ambience and the large mirror adds to the look with the lights reflecting in the mirror. Gorgeous!


I know you can’t see too much of this room and the tree isn’t up close, but I’ve always wanted a really tall tree like this one! Now I just need really high ceilings!


This mini tree on the table is adorable and a really cool idea! This photo is from Pinterest like all the others, but it’s specifically from Pottery Barn. It was probably an ad for the table, but whatever – it looks perfect!


This tree is probably the most ornate one that I have on here, but it appeals to my fancy side .I love all the gold ornaments and baubles and the gold branches sticking out are so fancy and artistic. And again, garland! The perfect gold and silver gift boxes under the tree on the faux fur tree skirt just completes the whole scene.

Another mini tree! This one is a bit less fancy with pastel colored ornaments and gold star on top. The tree sits in a plain basket and looks so simple yet pretty.


This photo was on Pinterest, but I know exactly where it is from! It is from fashionista blogger Rach Parcell who I follow on Instagram (and occasionally read her blog). Her trio of trees are immaculate and her whole home decor, style, and closet are total #goals! If you don’t follow her on Instagram you need to check her out, you won’t regret it!


The tree is a really rustic one with white and brown ornaments and ribbon that may be made out of burlap complete with a Christmas message. The long ornaments are either icicles or candles (it’s hard to tell in the photo). To complete the whole look the gifts are wrapped in cream and brown paper and brown and green ribbon.


As much as I love the classic, clean cut Christmas look, part of me really likes a tree filled with sentimental ornaments, big colored lights, and tinsel! It reminds me of my family’s tree when I was a kid and of my grandparents’ tree. There is something so warm and fuzzy about this kind of tree.

What are some holiday home decor goals you have?

All photos via Pinterest

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