Chocolate Pretzel Heart Bark

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, your girlfriends, alone or not celebrating at all it’s always nice to have a little sweet treat. 2 years ago I made heart shaped pie cookiesΒ and last year I shared heart shaped ravioli that I bought from my local Italian shop. So recently I was browsing Pinterest for some Valentine’s treat ideas when I came across chocolate bark with pretzels acting as hearts. The website of the pin I found wasn’t working so I just used the pictures as inspiration for my own thing.

The whole process was fairly easy. I melted chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. I poured the milk chocolate onto a sheet pan which I lined with foil. I used a rubber spatula to smooth it all out. It ended up being a thin layer, but that’s ok – I like thin bark. Next, I placed rows of pretzels and filled them with the melted white chocolate using a ziplock bag as a makeshift piping bag. This part was a little messy. By covering the criss-cross center of the pretzel with the white chocolate you create the illusion of a heart. Lastly, I sprinkled sprinkles (repetitive?) all over and put the tray in the refrigerator for the chocolate bark to set. I left it in there for over an hour before taking the tray out and cutting/breaking the pieces out.


This chocolate bark turned out so cute and it’s so yummy! I just love the ripples in chocolate bark. It makes every piece so unique and you can tell it was really homemade. Plus it looks so cool when it comes out of the refrigerator as one huge piece of chocolate. And who doesn’t love chocolate and pretzels together? I can’t be the only one who is guilty of eating Flipz by the handful (or bagful)! Sweet and salty just go together so well. The big sprinkles came from a multipack I found at Target. These big sprinkles ended up being perfect for this bark because they’re so crunchy. Plus they are the perfect Valentine’s Day colors.

If you try making this chocolate pretzel heart bark let me know how it turns out! Side note:Β I love that my name for this sorta rhymes.

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