DIY Off the Shoulder Tee
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DIY Slouchy Tee

I’ve been wanting to do a cut-out t-shirt for a while now. I see so many cute designs on Pinterest, but I know my limits craft wise and I think it would be tough for me to pull off a cool cut-out design in the back of a t-shirt. I was thinking of a skull or tree. I know, pretty ambitious. So for my first cutting up a t-shirt craft, I decided to do something much easier/safer and do a slouchy tee or off-the-shoulder look. I followed a YouTube tutorial for the neckline which was a really good idea because I was originally just going to start cutting without even measuring or anything!

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee

All you need is a t-shirt (I got mine from Michael’s), a tape measure, scissors, and a marker or something to mark your measurements.

I followed the YouTube tutorial for the neckline so I measured from the base of my neck (between collarbone and neck) of one side of my neck and went diagonally across to the bottom of my opposite shoulder. Divide that measurement by 2. Mark the middle of the neck on your t-shirt and then measure with that number over to the shoulder.

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 1

Then cut through the seam and then continue cutting only the top layer of the shirt until you hit the middle mark. Then fold that flap over to continue cutting the top layer. This is so that your cut is even.

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 3

Next, instead of creating a curve in the bottom layer which would make the neck too big, just cut across effectively cutting off that ribbed neckline piece.

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 4

Because these cheap t-shirts from the craft store can be a bit restrictive, I decided to cut slits up the sides of the shirt. I put the t-shirt on before hand and made a mark on both sides where I wanted the slits to come up to. Then, I just cut up the sides to the mark.

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 2
DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 5

Lastly, I cut off the trim of the sleeves to shorten them and make the shirt a bit more distressed.

DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 6
DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 7
DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 8
DIY Off the Shoulder Tee 9

I’m happy with the way this slouchy/off-the-shoulder tee turned out! This was a fun craft to do and easy enough for me!

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